European Movies & TV Series

European Movies by country

Explore Europe’s finest movies and series with us. We will introduce you to each country’s most popular movies. Now in 2013 this naturally includes watching the films & tv series online.

Danish Cinema

Great Danish films by Thomas Anders Jensen - European Movies

Read everything about Danish cinema. Our favorite European movies. From the best Danish movies to the best Danish TV series. And from upcoming releases to the oldest classics from Denmark. You can also purchase Danish films for your collection, or watch them instantly online. Please also do not forget to stop by our Danish movies forums. Check out our Danish movies 

Swedish Cinema

Excellent swedish films by Ingmar Bergman

Read everything about Swedish Cinema. We have selected the very best Swedish movies and TV Series. We also keep you up to date on the latest Swedish film releases, while not forgetting to look in the past. There is an online Swedish films store, and you can instantly watch Swedish movies online. Drop by our Swedish movies forums and have a chat. Check out our Swedish movies

French Cinema

Great films of Julliette Binoche in our European Movies discussions

Read everything about French cinema. France as the birthplace cannot be missing out. Of course we have also gathered the best French movies and tv series. 2011 was a great year for French film, and we are also anticipating 2012 with trailers and reviews. You can buy the best French movies or instantly watch them online. You are also very welcome to our French movie forums. Check out our French movies

Italian Cinema

Our favorite Italian film

Read all about Italian Cinema. With still the highest amount of Foreign film Oscars, Italy is a country to look out for. We have selected the finest Italian movies & TV series. We are always discussing the new and upcoming releases. Please feel free to browse our Italian films store, or instantly watch Italian movies online. You are also welcome to participate on our forums. Check out our Italian Movies

Spanish Cinema

One of our best European Movies Read everything about Spanish Cinema. With Spanish being a world language, the Spanish movies are watched all over the world. We have attempted to put together the very best Spanish movies & TV Series. We also want to introduce you the new and upcoming Spanish films. If you want to expand your DVD collection, you should have a look in our Spanish movies store. You can also watch the movies instantly online. Check out our Spanish movies 

German Cinema

Great film from GermanyRead everything about German cinema. Germany is of course famous for its war movies. There is, however, a lot more to explore. Let us bring you the best German Movies & TV Series, and keep you up to date on the latest and upcoming German film releases. We also offer a collection of German films on DVD or Bluray, or you can instantly watch your favorite German movies & tv series online. Check out our German Movies

Dutch Cinema

A cult classic from the Netherlands Read everything about Dutch Cinema here. The Dutch film industry may be small, but it definitely has a few films that are worth while. We have brought together the greatest Dutch movies & TV Series. We are also discussing all the new and upcoming movie releases from the Netherlands. You can also purchase your favorite Dutch movies in our online Dutch film store, or instantly watch them online. Our Dutch forums are also always open. Check out our Dutch movies

British Cinema

one of the recent popular flicks from England

Our latest addition. Learn everything about British movies. We are currently developing this section. We will provide you with the trailers and reviews of the best English movies & tv series, and keep you up to date. Moreover, you can buy great English DVD’s and Bluray’s, and you will even be able to watch English movies online. Check out our British movies.

Foreign Cinema

In this section we discuss all the countries that are left over. Not only do we focus on the smaller European and Eastern-European countries, we also discuss some other non-European countries like Japan and Russia etc. In this section we will also discuss the upcoming foreign movies releases, and you are also able to buy them on DVD or watch them online! Check out our Foreign Movies (Other)!

One of the best Swedish Movies brings you the very best European Movies & TV Series per country. We attempt to select only the finest films and series. You are very welcome to help us out by leaving reviews and ratings or suggesting other European movies. You can join us on our forums to discuss films or promote your projects. We hope you enjoy the website.