Top 10 Famous recent British movies since 2012

An overview of the very best British movies since 2012 out on DVD and in the cinema. We have selected a strict top 10 of the most famous and popular UK film releases in 2012 and in 2013 and in 2011. A nice little combination of drama, romance and action thrillers and entertainment in recent British films.

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We have made a small selection of the 3 best British Movies that the year of 2012 will bring us. They are now out on DVD, and can also be purchased here. Continue reading for the rest of the top 10 popular English movies.

Our most popular British movies top 10 – Recent English films

1.  Shame (2012)

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A very promising movie from new director Steve McQueen who mainly is known for making popular darker flicks. The leading man, Brandon (Michael Fassbender: X-Men, Inglorious Basterds) has in this film carefully crafted a life that suits his sexual addiction. He has a good life in New York City, and everything goes as he wants to. Then all of a sudden his sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan- Drive, An eduction) shows up announcing her indefinite stay.

According to the critics a great film. It has already been nominated for a Golden Globe. We, however, feel that this best British movie of 2012 is a bit pretentious at times, while the storyline fails to keep you actively engaged.

2Coriolanus (2012) 

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Ralphy Fiennes, famous British actor, is now as a director making a film we cannot wait to see. Ralph Fiennes can also be seen acting along side of Gerard Butler in this popular flick. The banished roman hero, Coriolanus, will attempt by making alliance with his greatest enemy to destroy Rome. The plot appears somewhat simple and corny, and in reality it is no different. It nonethess provides the most required entertainment and is among the most popular movies of 2013, widely embraced by the audience.

3. A Dangerous Method (2012)

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Our third of the English Movies of 2012. A film about the two of the world of psychology’s greatest minds in the twentieth century. Sigmund Freud and Carl Yung. The creation of psychoanalysis. In this film we can yet again admire Michael Fassbender. He is having a good year. The film is already nominated for a Golden Globe. The famous Freud is impressively played by Viggo Mortensen. There is also an interesting role for British star Keira Knightley (with a strong Russian accent!) playing a Russian girl who after being cured by young continues to play an intriguing role in his life.

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British Cinema has not disappointed us so far, and we feel that Great-Britain really brings something special to European Movies. We continue our Popular English movies top 10 in the New British movies of 2013 and in the Old English movies of 2011. Interested in the upcoming new famous movies from different European countries? Have a look in our upcoming movies section.

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