Best Irish movies of 2012 – New Irish flicks out on DVD/Cinema

Here an overview of the very best Irish movies of 2012. The best film releases out on DVD or in the cinema. We have selected a top 3 of new Irish movies that you have to see this year. It includes Irish horror/thriller movies, drama movies and action movies. The dark element is something that stands out.

Dollhouse – New film by Kirsten Sheridan

Kirsten Sheridan, Irish director, has had a few relatively big international successes. The American film August Rush was her latest American release, but she is best known for writing the classic about Irish Immigrants in the film ‘In America’ by her Dad, famous Irish filmmaker Jim Sheridan. She even got nominated for an Oscar for her screenplay. Another film we loved by her was Disco Pigs (2001) with now famous actor Cillian Murphy (Inception). This 2012’s Doll House is about a night of home invastion by six young nutters.

Stitches – Irish comedy / horror film about an evil clown

From writer/director Conor McMahon who is known for creating perhaps not very tasteful horror slashers with original titles like Deat Meat. He is also responsible for the Irish tv series Zombie Bashers, which was neither a great success. With Stitches he has actually outdone himself and produced a film that is equal parts funny and scary. It is about a clown who comes back to hunt those responsible for his death (not the most original plot). Release date is the 26th of October 2012 in Ireland. IMDB rating: 6.6.

Grabbers – Out in cinema in August/Summer

Yet another horror comedy from Irish soil this year. It perhaps has the most potential to become an international success. Richard Coyle (Pusher, Prince of Percia) is starring in this flick, and is the biggest name. The film actually has a bit of a sci-fi element to it, since it is about a small town that in preparing for an alian attack decides they need to get drunk. Why you ask? The premise that the alcohol in their blood will make sure they will not get eaten, of course. It is now out on DVD. [amazon asin=B005FKSO7Q&text=Buy Grabbers on DVD&chan=default] (


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