New British Movie releases of 2013 – Great comedy, romance & horror (UK)

Each year the UK’s cinema has at least 10 great new feature films. For the new best British movies of 2013 we have selected a pretty diverse list. From English horror movies to Irish thrillers and a Scottish gangster movie. The best upcoming British movies in cinema and on DVD/Blu-ray in 2013. 

Best British films of 2013 – Upcoming cinema releases

Sightseers – Upcoming English Dark comedy | Release date: Jan/Feb 2013

Sightseeers was released in the UK in 2012, but will get its international release in most countries in 2013. It is being described as a truly hilarious English comedy, and has been dubbed as the best British Comedy since ‘Four Lions’ (The clever little comedy about 4 silly British jihadists in 2010). It is directed by the recently successful British director Ben Wheatley, perhaps best known for the crime thriller Kill List (2011). Sightseers is a dark comedy about a couple that take a caravan trip through the UK, because Chris wants to show his girlfriend the world. It does not take long before things take a rather dark, yet hilarious (and unexpected) turn.

Ben Wheatley is currently also in post-production for the new English horror movie ‘A Field in England’ that will be released in 2013. Another one of the new British movies we are looking forward to. For more English horror, and other European scary movies, check out our New horror movies of 2013 – best & scariest horrors

Welcome to the Punch – Tip of New English Action movies in 2013

This British action movie with a brilliant English cast consisting of big names like James McAvoy (The Last King of Scotland) and Mark Strong (Kick-Ass, RocknRolla) will be released in the USA on 6 March 2013. It is a crime movie that tells the story of a notorious criminal who is forced to go back to London. There a team of detectives is ready to try and take him down.

Another interesting must-watch British action movie, also with James McAvoy is Trance by Danny Boyle.

Trance by Danny Boyle


I Give it a Year – British romantic comedy by ‘Borat’ Director | Release date: 8 February 2013

We have to admit, we are not the biggest fan of Anna Faris, but this romantic comedy actually looks like a lot of fun. It is created and directed by the guy behind the Borat & Bruno films, Dan Mazer. It also stars one of our favorite British comedy actors, Stephen Merchant, who this year is conquering HBO with his new comedy series of 2013. I Give it a Year gives us a hilarious look into the trials & errors of the first year of marriage of a newlywed couple.

The Wee Man – A new Scottish Gangster movie based on a true story (2013)

From the director of ‘Love, honour and Obey’ (2000) comes ‘The Wee Man’ about the life story of Paul Ferris, just as much businessman as gangster, but definitely very Scottish.  Paul Ferris also wrote numerous books about crime. This British crime movie will be released in 2013, no official release date has been set yet. Reviews so far have been rather negative.

For all the romantic comedy fans: Bridget Jones is back, with a baby

Renee Zwellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are all back for the third film in the Bridget Jones series. The second one was a bit disapointing, but still deliciously British romance. In the upcoming film Bridget Jones will be in her fourties and has a baby.

More New English movie releases, also out on DVD and Blu-Ray

We have also been looking at the latest English movies in recent years. So also check out our best British movies of 2012. They have now also been released on DVD. We shall soon also update the new DVD’s here.

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