New action movies of 2013/2014 – Suspense from Europe & World cinema

Here a list with the latest European new action movies of 2014 and best of ones 2013 from Europe. It is not all about American action movies from Hollywood. We have selected the best foreign action movies that will be released in European cinema and on DVD/Blu-ray around Europe: From new French action movies to British action flicks in 2013/2014. Especially Scandinavian action movies are on the rise lately, Denmark and Sweden know what they are doing. But we will also have a little look at Asia, in particular at Japanese, South-Korean, Indian and Chinese action cinema, and have a look at South-America (mainly Argentina and Brazil) . Genre-wise, it ranges from Suspense/psychological action, and action comedies to hardcore action film. 

New European action movies 2014 top 5

Of course, 2014 will be filled with American action movies from Hollywood, like a bunch of sci-fi films as the X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), Godzilla (2014) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and the new 300 and Spiderman films film. But the rest of Foreign action cinema is not sitting still either. Here are the new European action movies of 2014, and a list of what to watch out for from Asia.

A Most Wanted Man (2014)

Sure it is English-spoken, but as a Dutchie I have to mention this upcoming Dutch action movie by Anton Corbijn. The man behind the fantastic photographs of famous bands like u2, but also the director of modern classics like the bio-pic of Joy Division’s front man Ian Curtis in the British ‘Control’. In this new 2014 movie he is producing his biggest project so far with huge actors like Phillip Seymour Hoffman. A most wanted man is about an immigrant he gets caught up in the web of international terrorism.

Black Sea (2014) by Kevin Macdonald

Jude Law in the new Blac Sea, a British 2014 adventure film

I believe this to be the most interesting new British action movie for 2014. It is starring Jude Law, and more importantly, it is directed by Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland). It is promising to be an old-fashioned traditional action film. It is described as a real British adventure film about a submarine employee looking for gold in the Black sea. It is up for release in 2014, but a release date still has to be set.

Nicht mein Tag by Peter Thorward (2014)

Among our 2014 foreign action movies we now also expect something great from Germany. Peter Thorward gives us a German action comedy flick about a bank teller who ordinary life gets pulled up side down in a series of incredible events. This film was released in Germany on 14 January 2014. Whether it gets an international release is not yet announced.

Mae Culpa (2014)

Mae Culpa is looking to become France’s best action movie of 2014. It is starring the great Vincent Lindon, who last year was in one the best dark movies of 2013, Les Salauds (2013). This year we can see him in Mae Culpa, a movie about an ex-cop (let go because he made a huge mistake) who now has to protect his wife and son from the Russian mafia.

Asian action movies of 2014

Asia is always a huge source for terrific fighting and action movies. And it really is just not all kung-fu. This year we have:

The Chinese The Monkey King: The Legend Begins (2014)

The Japanese Rurôni Kenshin: Densetsu no Saigo-hen (2014)

The Indian Jai Ho (2014)

But special attention goes out to the Indonesian action movie sequel Raid 2 (2014). Raid was a huge success. Raid 2 seems equally impressive.

And to probably the biggest Asian action movie of 2014, the South-Korean action flick, the adventurous The Pirates (2014)

The upcoming Korean action Flick - Pirates (2014)

What can we expect from action cinema of South-America in 2014?

The biggest Spanish-language film coming our way from Latin-America appears to be the Argentinan action movie with Gael Garcia Bernal – The Ardor (2014). A very big budget action western up for release in 2014. Exact release data is TBA.

Top 10 Best Action movies of 2013 from Europe

Please note that the top 10 list is in a random order. From each country only one film has been selected. For a complete overview of all movies, including all action movies of a country, please visit the respective new 2013 movies by country articles. Here our top 10 of the best European action movies by country in 2014 and 2013.

The Danish action crime film ‘Nordvest’ – Release date: 18 April 2013

The Danish, although mainly known for thrillers and suspense movies, also have their once in a while surprising action movies. Famous are the ‘Pusher’ action comedies, but now the makers of ‘R’, the acclaimed prison movie, are coming with ‘Nordvest’. It is a new action movie about a small-time gangster wanting to make it big – he is climbing to the top until his gang decides to turn against him. Unfortunately, the trailer comes without English subtitles, but the rough images and action scenes speak for themselves.

The sequel to the successful Swedish action movie Snabba Cash

The first film, Snabba Cash 1 by Swedish-Chilean director Daniel Espinosa (Safe House – 2012), was a rather successful Swedish movie with a lot of action. The action fans definitely liked it. The sequel to the exciting action movie already came out in 2012, but will get most of its international releases in 2013. Reviews are not great, and it will probably not be ranking among the very best action movies of 2013, but the fans will have a good time. If you speak Swedish or can read Arabic you can even watch it for free online with Arabic subtitles on Youtube.

Combustion – a new acton movie in 2013 from Barcelona, Spain

Our apologies, but yet another trailer without English subtitles. Fortunately, we are compensated by a rather sexy action video with beautiful sensual Spanish women, and suspenseful action scenes. Combustion is a new Spanish action movie by Daniel Carparsoro, mainly known for thrillers and sensational tv mini-series. His war movie about Spanish soldiers in Kosovo was fairly popular in 2012. The movie will be released in Spain in April 2013. This year there will also be a large budget post-apocalypic disaster movie released in Spain called ‘The Last Days’ (read more)

Britain comes with ‘Welcome to the Punch’

The English actors James Mcavoy and Mark Strong in Welcome to the Punch

Of course, when it comes it comes to European and English action movies Britain can not stay behind. We have already discussed a great bunch of recent action movies in the Best British action movies, but this one seems to be one to add to the list. Please read more about it in our British movies of 2013, in which we have already discussed ‘Welcome to the Punch’ with James McAvoy, but also the other big British action release by Danny Boyle, Trance (2013).

Russia’s first 3D Action movie about the famous battle

One of the most interesting releases of 2013, because it is the very first IMAX 3D movie every produced by the Russians. Also, it is exciting since it is one of the most important battles in the history of Russia and the world. We have written more about this interesting new Russian action movie project in ‘Best Russian movies of 2013

Another one of the great new French action movies: Dobermann 2

In 1997 this French action classic came out in cinema. Now in 2013 a sequel will hit French cinema’s, yet again entertaining the audience with the enigmatic criminal Dobermann – A man who was born with a gun, and his gang of brutal robbers.The film was pretty good, but if you want some better recent French action movies than you should watch ‘Tell No One’. An official release date has not yet been confirmed. The trailer is of the first movie. For some action comedies, check out our  French movies of 2013.

A female gangster movie: A german action movie about a true story of the first female bankrobber.

A rather interesting and sensational upcoming movie. It is based on the true story of the life of the first woman bank robber: a wallflower who turned into an infamous bank robber. Banklady is one of the new action movies 2013 we are particularly looking forward to. It is directed by Christian Alvart, who has also made American Hollywood movies like Pandorum

More new movies of the action genre:

Another foreign action release we would like to mention is the not European, but Asian Chinese action movie Yi Dai Zon Shi, the story of Bruce Lee’s trainer, the Martial Arts master Ip Man. Probably one of the best action movies of 2013.

Please let us know if there is another new action movie that should be put on the list.

The Store – Out on DVD/Blu-ray

As soon as any of these foreign action movies will be released on DVD or Blu-ray we will mak sure to publish it here. We shall also keep you up to date on when you can watch them online with English subtitles. For free or paid. Netflix will have them rather quick, as they are big productions.