New Romantic comedies of 2013/2014 – Best Romcoms

Romcoms are not just for the British and the Americans. Romantic comedies also do very well in Europe. Here we have selected the best European new romantic comedies of 2014 & 2013 by country. So not only new Spanish, French and Italian romantic comedies, but also Scandinavian and German romance movies released in cinema or on DVD/Blu-ray in 2013/2014. We are also expanding on our foreign romantic comedies by including some Asian romcoms (Japan, South-Korea and China). 

New romantic comedies 2014 – Foreign romance

The romance comedy genre is not doing too well it seems. Even the amount of American rom coms is disappointing this year in 2014. But fortunately we have found some promising ones in Europe and Asia.

Tutta Colpa di freud (2014)

Italy is coming this year with a classic rom com starring a few of the biggest Italian actors. ‘Tutta culpa di Freud’ is about a divorced psychoanalyst and his three daughters who all have some love stories going on. It is directed by Italian director Paolo Genovese who is known to produce comedy blockbuster hits, like 2011’s ‘Immaturi’.

Les Âmes de papier (2014)

A Belgian/French romantic comedy up for release in 2014 is ‘Les Ames de Papier’ about a funeral speech writer who gets a fresh new chance in life when he is asked by a widow to write a speech for her son.  As you can imagine, romance comes peaking round the corner. It has been released in Belgium in January 2014.


This American/British romantic comedy is with Pierce Brosnan and is about a poetry professor teaching at Cambridge who is evaluating his life and comes in contact with some interesting women. Not much more known is known at this point, but it will be released in 2014. It is directed by the English Tom Vaughan (mainly known for the Hollywood rom com ‘What Happens in Vegas (2010).

Three many weddings (2014) 

Sometimes described as the Spanish version of Bridget Jones’ Diary, but I am afraid it is not as good as the British cinema hit. It nevertheless, is a new fun Spanish romantic comedy to go see in theaters.  It is about a university researcher still looking for the perfect guy, and to make things worse she has to visit three weddings of ex-boyfriends in one month.

More 2014 new foreign romantic comedies – Asian rom coms

Another interesting continent that produces loads of romance movies is Asia. Especially Japanese and South-Korean romantic comedies have gained popularity recently. Here is what we can expect from Asia in 2014.

The Japanese Sukitte Ii na yo (2014) which seems to be an adaptation of the immensely popular manga tv series of 2012. It also aired in the US. But also the popular Japanese rom com Yokomichi Yonosuke (A Story of YonoSuke) is worth checking out. Here a trailer with English subtitles. They will be released on DVD/Blu-ray in 2014.

The South-Koreans have not made known what is coming in 2014, but in 2013 there was a very popular Korean love comedy called ‘How To Use Guys With Secret Tips (2013)’ which will be available for purchase on DVD in 2014.

Furthermore, from China there was One Night Surprise (2013) and India brought the feel-good rom com Yen Jawaani Hai Deewani’ (2013).

Let us know if there are more foreign rom coms of 2013/2014 we should be listing here.

Top 10 best romantic comedy movies of Europe in 2013

Per country the latest romantic film releases have been gathered. This means that the top 10 shows only one film per country. If you want to more romcoms of a particular European or other foreign country, you have to visit their general new movie releases of 2013 section. Here films from the UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Finland, Norway

New Scandinavian romantic comedy movies of this year

The Danish ‘Den skaldede frisor’ by Oscar-winning filmmaker Susanne Bier

Pierce Brosnan is starring in this 2012 flick by Susanne Bier that we consider to be ranking among the best European romance movies for this year. This female Danish director is known for a ton of popular and critically acclaimed drama films. Both Danish productions (In a Better World) and American films (Things we lost in the Fire). In this upcoming Danish romantic comedy (English title: Love is all you need) a hairdresser who lost her hair due to cancer find out her husband is having an affair. At her daughter’s wedding in Italy she meets an interesting widower (Brosnan). In 2013 it will be released in most cinema’s internationally.

New Swedish comedy about romance & more: Sma citroner gula

Sma citroner gula, or Love and Lemons will be released in Sweden on 20 February 2013. It is based on a successful Swedish book, and it is about a female cook who had everything she could wish for, but all of the sudden looses it all. To strike back and get back up her feet, she decides to open her own restaurant, and from then onwards things take unexpected turns. It is a great new Swedish romantic comedy by Teresa Fabik, so far mainly known for directing teenager comedies.


New Finnish love movie released on december 2013: The Only Ones

A lovely little film about a woman after years of searching finally finds ‘the one’, but  the man mysteriously disappears. Against all odds she finds another ‘Only One’, who happens to be the Prime Minister of Finland.

New Norwegian romcom released on

New Western-European romance film releases of 2013

A new popular romantic party comedy from the Netherlands in 2013

Perhaps not of great interest to the more sophisticated film fan, but great fun for plain entertainment. It was a pretty big deal in the Netherlands, as all the Dutch celebrities were lining up to play in this new romcom taking place on party island Ibiza, popular among the Dutch and Belgians. Besides a romantic story, you can enjoy great tanned sensual bodies and passionate love scenes in this film. It is shamelessly categorized in Holland as a sexy film. The soundtrack is provided by the Dutch world’s best DJ, Armin van Buuren. The trailer comes without English subtitles.

I Give it a Year – New English/British romantic comedy 2013

This year there are of course, as usual, a few excellent new British romantic comedies being released in England, Scotland and Ireland. Among them is also a new Bridget Jones Diary – Yes, romcom fans, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are back. We have however, chosen for the upcoming funny love movie ‘I Give it a Year. But, read more about all of them (there are several) in our new British movies of 2013.

New German comedy with romantic elements: Schussmacher

Released in January 2013 – this german film is about a guy who provides a service the cowards among us in the game of love, might want to use. He breaks up with your partner for you. Read more about this comedy by the popular young German actor and filmmaker Matthias Schweighofer in: New German movies of 2013.

For all the Latin Lovers among us – also out in cinema:

New American-Italian produced romantic comedy film: La Migliore Offerta

A new film released 1 January 2013 by one of our most popular Italian directors, the man behind ‘Cinema Paradiso’ has now made a film together with the American Hollywood production company Warner Bros. An Italian romantic comedy we are looking forward to immensely. Read about it together with two other Italian romance films in: New Italian movies of 2013

  • New French romantic comedies of 2013: Amour et Turbulences
    and a new romantic movie (a French drama, not a comedy) with Audrey Tautou named: L’ecume de jours.
  • New Spanish romance comedies 2013: La Estrella

Looking for something funny but no so romantic? Check out our best new comedy movies of 2013 – Funny comedies from Europe

Will be updated as soon as we know more.

Also, now out on DVD and Blu-ray

Our selection of best Romantic flicks of 2012 is now out on DVD and Blu-ray for purchase. Most of them can now also be watched online with English subtitles. Check out our 2012 section for the best ones.

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