New horror movies of 2013/2014 – Best & scariest horrors

Our list of the best new European horror movies in 2014 and the best ones of 2013. From the usual French, British and Spanish horrors to surprising German and Scandinavian horror movies. Every year Europe releases great new foreign horror flicks in cinema and on DVD/Blu-ray that easily compete with American Hollywood productions, and often inspire Hollywood to make an American remake, like in 2012 year with the Orphanage. We also have a quick look at other new foreign horrors, like the best new Asian horror movies (Japan, China and Korea) in 2014. 

New horror movies in 2014 from Europe & other new foreign horror movies

Zon 261 (2014)

Fans of foreign zombie movies should watch out. Sweden is coming with an action horror in 2014 about a small Swedish town that has to fight of zombies after a virus outbreak. The trailer has just been released, and just by the trailer it definitely has some potential.

Død Snø 2 (2014)

Another new Scandinavian horror movie, but this time from Norway. It is the sequel to the very popular 2009’s Norwegian zombie horror movie about death Nazi zombies. As you can imagine, it is also a horror comedy. The release date is still to be confirmed, but it will be in 2014. It was selected for Sundance 2014.

Rec 4: Apocalypse by Jaume Balegero (2014) 

The low-budget horror movie giant is back, and is still putting the Spanish-language horror on the map. They have not quite been able to improve the very first movie in 2007, but they are still among the most popular European horror movies. In this fourth one reporter Angela takes a demonic virus into a military oil tanker.

Las brujas de Zugarramurdi (2014) – new horror comedy

This Spanish horror comedy was released in 2013, but will be available in most countries in 2014. I have never been a huge fan of the horror comedy genre, but people who enjoy those kind of films, will definitely enjoy this one. It is by the rather famous Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia who is best known for his horror classic ‘The Day of the Beast’.

One of the new French horror movies of 2013/2014: Aux Yeux des Vivants

They Eyes of the Living - Upcoming horror from France

From fantasy-horror film-makers Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, mainly known for one of the recent best French horror movies ‘A l’interieur (Inside) (2007), now comes Aux Yeux des Vivants, or in English the Eyes of the Living. It is an upcoming horror thriller about three kids who, during skipping class to explore an abandoned themepark, catch a glimpse of a masked men dragging a woman through a field. It was first announced to be released in 2013, but the release has now been scheduled for in 2014.

What to expect from other foreign country horrrors – new Asian horror movies in 2014

Other notable new foreign horror flicks are the ones from Asia. You can expect the new Chinese horror action movie ‘The Wrath of Vajra’ (2013) to be released on DVD in the US in March 2014. Japan is of course more famous for sophisticated horror movies, so we always expect a lot from Japanese horror cinema.


What is standing out for 2014 is the movie 7500 (2014) by Japanese director Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge). It is with an American cast. Im not sure what is going with the release dates, because it was finished filming 2 years ago. Its about passengers on a plane who experience something supernatural. Trailer below

Also let us know if you know about anything coming from South-Korea?

Top 10 best horror movies from European soil in 2013

Each of our European countries will bring forward their share of new horror movies. Per country we have selected their very best film. If you want to read about more foreign horror films from a particular country, you should go to our new movie releases of 2013 section. Some of the following films could be considered art house horror films. As soon as the trailers are released, they will be put here.

Scary new Canadian-Spanish horror production by Guillermo Del Torro: Mama (2013)

Spain is becoming somewhat of a household name in the horror genre. Every year a large amount of quality horror pictures is released. This year there are also a lot of new Spanish-spoken scary movies, like Doble sesion and Los Inocentos, but we have selected the new English horror movie produced by genius Spanish director Guillermo Del Toro. Mama is a project, created by director Andres Muschetti (was a 2008 short film), and it is a typical scary ghost movie about two young girls who are finally found five years after they disappeared on the day their mother died. They then go on to start a new life living with their uncle, but something is still there with them – the ghost of their mother perhaps, or something even more evil? A very pscyhological horror. It was released on 17 January 2013. For other movies by Del Toro, and more Spanish horrors, check out the Best Spanish Horror films.

Very bloody and scary German movie based on the true story of serial-killer Bela Kiss (2013)

This highly anticipated new German horror movie is about the true story of Bela Kiss, a serial-killer who killed 23 young women at the time of the first World War. Bela Kiss requires no English subtitles, as it is English spoken. It also features some Amerian actors alongside of the mostly German cast. This new German horror mystery is the debut film of Lucien Forstner, and it will be released in January 2013.

New British horror movie with action & war: The 4th Reich (UK)(2013/2014)

Upcoming English horror movie about the Nazi's

This UK production may very well become one of the best horror movies from Europe for in 2013. It is directed by Independent filmmaker Shaun Robert Smith, who is known for making horror shorts set in a historical setting, and it has a pretty impressive cast with stars like fantasy movie actor Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones). The 4th Reich is about a select group of British soldiers who face the scariest horrors created by the experiments performed by German Nazi doctors & scientists during the Second World War. The film shall also display quite a bit of action scenes. The release has been postponed for 2014.

Other upcoming horror film releases from Western-Europe

– A new Italian horror movie of 2013: Twelve – release in October. What also turned out to be a pretty good horror movie from Italy was ‘Oltre il Guado’ (2013). Read  more about this film and other Italian releases in: New Italian movies of 2013.

Or check out the new Italian film Tulpa by Frederico Zampaglione:

– Best Dutch horror movie from the Netherlands by Dutch director Richard Raaphorst: Frankenstein’s Army – Release 26 January 2013

– A new Belgian horror about a vampire: Un Homme Bien (2013)

– A new Austrian horror: Blutgeletscher (2013)

For fans of those interesting and funny sounding Scandinavian languages:

After the success of the recent Swedish horror/vampire movie ‘Let the right one in’, the horror genre has gotten a little bit more popular among Scandinavian film-makers.

– From Sweden: a mystery and fantasy film about an otherwordly Evil in a small Swedish town in Cirkeln, and an all-out apocalyptic war between humans and zombies in The Inclination: Zombie Invasion (December 2013).

– From Denmark, Finland and Norway, we were unable to find anything. Please inform us if you know more, of want to promote your own project.

From Eastern-Europe: Russian, Polish, Czech and Hungarian horrors

Also here it is difficult to gather information. We need all the help we can get:). We did it, however, already found quite a lot of interesting war and thriller movies from Russia. Check out our best Russian movies of 2013 for now.

Out on DVD and Blu-ray, or to be released in 2013/2014:

In our 2012 section you will be able to find our selection of the best foreign movies of last year, they are also available to buy via Amazon, or you can watch them online with English subtitles. Also films of 2013 and 2014. Sometimes, you will even be able to watch movies online for free via Youtube or other ways. Especially with obscure horror films, this is often the case.