Online tv series with English subtitles – Free Foreign tv shows list (legal)

We have compiled a list of great free tv series that you can watch online with English subtitles via Youtube & Hulu. These foreign series are not always in the highest quality, but always with subs. Old classics from the eighties and nineties to new series. From great French series online, to free British tv shows and Italian mini-series. With English subtitles, but also often Arabic, Chinese and Spanish subs.

Update: due to potential copyright infringement we have deleted Youtube video’s from the website, but all these series may be found on Youtube. Just search for them in the search bar, and make sure to check the copyright notice. Other great legal avenues for series are Hulu (also for European series), and Dramafever (mainly for Asian tv shows).

Asian series

Free Chinese tv series with English subtitles

Via Hulu: Prince of Lan Ling

Watch Prince of Lan Ling

– Three Kingdoms

Watch the very popular Chinese series, Three Kingdoms, from 2010 on Youtube with English subs. This the first episode, but the other ones can also be found on Youtube for free. It is a pretty epic historical drama about war. Very addictive. High quality video.

Typical Korean drama series online: K-drama’s

Hulu: Faith online

Watch Faith online

– The first episode in HD of Playful Kiss (Youtube)

– Good Doctor (Youtube)

High-quality Thai drama shows:

In a Good Way online

– Leh Roy Ruk (Youtube)

European Series on Youtube

Free British crime series online

Some pretty great English detectives series online for free. Always English-spoken and usually with the option of having English captions.


A British sci-fi comedy series – Misfits

Watch Misfits online

The Wrong Mans (2013)

Watch The Wrong Mans online

55 degrees North:

– Watch Bergerac online (the popular BBC series):

A Touch of Frost:

– Popular British series for Teenagers: Skins online

Dutch TV series online – Watch Television from the Netherlands

Our selection of Dutch series online with English subs.

The famous Dutch police series Baantjer: A series with episodes that you can watch independently from other episodes.

French tv shows online

Spiral online:

Watch Spiral online

Braguo online:

Watch Braguo online

A silent series with English texts together in a great French tv vampire classic.

Watch ‘Les Vampires’

By going to the link on Youtube you can find all the other episodes as well.

Free Italian tv shows with English subs

Our favorite series on this list. The great tv show that conquered the world in the eighties, La Piovra. A Italian series about a detective who single-handedly takes on the Mafia. Unfortunately not all episodes come with English subs.

Watch the Famous Czech series ‘The Visitors':

The classic sci-fi series from the Czech Republic on Youtube.

Austrian German Spoken detective online: ‘Kommisar Rex':

Who does not remember this German-spoke crime and police series from Austria about a police inspector and his loyal dog. ‘The Old Lady Murders’ is on Youtube with subtitles.

Now there is also an Italian version of this ver popular detective from the nineties. It also available online on Youtube for free, but just in Italian or with Italian subtitles.

More Scandianavian series online: The Norwegian ‘Dag’

The very funny comedy series from Norway.

The Bridge / Broen online:

Watch The Bridge online

Spanish-spoken series online 

Spain is not famous for its great tv shows. Other Spanish-speaking countries, like Argentina and Mexico do a bit better. Here the sensual Mexican series about two girls.

Mexican tv show with English subs:

– Eliana and Joana

You know more tv shows that we need to put on this list? Let us know!

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