Watch Asian movies online for free with English subtitles

Besides introducing people to European cinema, we feel we should explore Asia. And what better way to do it then by listing the best free Asian movies online that you can watch with English subtitles. Here you can watch Asian movies online for free via Youtube.  We have made special sections for the major Asian film countries like China, India, Korea and Japan, but on this page we have made short lists for other interesting Asian countries as well. Completely legal (since we are against illegal streaming).  

For the major Asian countries you should have a look in the special and way more elaborate sections here:

Online free Asian films by country

Interested in the smaller Asian film industries that are rapidly developing? Continue reading.

How does it work?

It are only full asian movies that we have selected. In most cases the English subtitles or other subtitles are hardcoded, but sometimes you have to manually insert them by using the little red icon in the Youtube video toolbar. We have currently removed the Youtube links due to potential copyright infringement. You should just browse Youtube and look for versions with a valid copyright notice.

Watch free Vietnamese movies online with English subtitles

Here our examples of online Vietnamese movies that you can instantly watch online for free. They come with English subtitles and very often also with Indonesian subtitles or Chinese subtitles. There are also a lot of films on Youtube, like Korean movies, with Vietnamese subtitles.

Clash (2011) (Hulu)

A 2011 action film that is currently Hulu’s most watched Vietnamese film.

The Vietnamese family story: Cahn Dong Bat Tan (2010) (Youtube)

The 2010 Vietnamese drama film under the international title ‘The Floating Lives’ is a great family story introducing us to the old traditions and lifestyles of old Vietnam in modern-day society. It stars the famous Vietnamese actor Dustin Nguyen who also play in several Hollywood movies (not only in Gangster movies or Kung-fu movies). The English subtitles are hardcoded.

One of the best Vietnam War movies online:

- Oliver Stone’s Heaven & Earth (Youtube)

Of the many Vietnam war movies, this is one of the best. According to many it offers a great depiction of how Vietnamese consider the lengthy war against the Americans. It comes with countries in several languages. Both European and Asian subtitles.

Watch Indonesian movies online for free with English subtitles via Youtube

With over 240 million Indonesian people in the world, Indonesia is a film country to be taken into account. A few great films have already been released, the most famous one being ‘The Raid’ (by an American director) with a sequel in 2013. Unfortunately there are not that many Indonesian movies online with English subtitles. At least, not for free. We have selected a rather popular one here. It is a fun Indonesian high school movie or teenager movie.

- Ada Apa Denga Cinta? or Beautiful Days (Youtube)

Macabre online (2009) (Hulu)

A Singapora-Indonesia co-production that resulted in a great horror.

Online Cambodian movies – Khmer movies for free

Unlike its neighbour, Cambodia has a gigantic list of free Cambodian movies with English subtitles on Youtube. If you go looking for them you use the keywords ‘Full Khmer movies’, and you will find quite a lot of them. Here we have selected the French/Khmer drama movie ‘une soire apres la guerre’ directed by Rithy Panh.

- One evening after the war (Youtube)

Stream some Nepali movies – Nepalese cinema online

Our selection of Nepali movies with English subtitles for free on Youtube. We were incredibly surprised about the multitude of Nepalese movies that can be found online. Use the search term ‘Nepali movies’. There are many, but the quality is rather low. We have selected the most watched one. They are also legally.

Myanmar movies online – Burmese movies for free

Unfortunately we could not find any high quality Burmese movie with English subtitles. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find the French/Myanmar film ‘The Lady’ online. It is a great drama history movie that tells the tale of Aung San Suu Kyi. It was on Youtube.

Pakistani movies for free online with English subs

A great Pakistan thriller film about brothers experiencing the changes in Pakistan. It was a great boost for Pakistani cinema.

- Khuda Kay Liye (2007) (Youtube)

Taiwanese movies online

A great love movie from Taiwan. A high quality movie that has a rather Western feel about it. Its a recent film, and has been received quite well. The English subtitles for this online Taiwanese movie are automatic.

Tiny Times 2.0. online (Hulu)

New and popular 2013 Taiwan film available via Hulu.

- One day (2010) (Youtube)

If you feel there is another Asian country that really needs to be included, please let us know! If you know other great Asian movies online (with subtitles) you can copy the Youtube url into the comment section.

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