Great full Thai movies online with subtitles in English

Here our selection of the highest quality full Thai movies that you can watch online with English subtitles. The free Thai movies can be watched through Youtube. Of course, the best quality is to be found online on Netflix, but Youtube should not be underestimated when it comes to movies from Thailand. Here all the complete movies from Thailand for free! Also some Thai Lakorn drama’s (since they are quite famous)

Most illegal websites also offer online Thai cinema, but this is completely legal and always with English subtitles. From old classics to once in a while new ones released in 2014/2015. Thailand has a rather good film industry. In comparison to it’s Asian neighboring countries Thailand is rather developed and this is also reflected in its national cinema. Among the Asian movies online, Thai ones are of pretty good quality.

Headshot 2012 online

A great action flick about a cop turned hit man to kill those who think themselves to be above the law.

Watch Headshot online

Shutter online (2007)

Watch Shutter online

A suspenseful Thai horror flick about a photographer who finds disturbing shadows in some of his photos.

-Watch Samurai Ayothaya online with English subs!

A great Asian Samurai film. A Thai history and action movie about the live of historic figure and Japanese adventurer who became governor in the souther part of Thailand. Great shots of traditional Thai culture and temples as well. The English subtitles should be automatic. You can also watch it online with other language subs.

– Watch this new Thai horror flick of 2012: Mae Nak 3D

Although the English subtitles are not perfect, it is great to have the chance to watch this very recent Thai film. It is about a woman who comes back as a ghost after dying during child birth. Pretty scary.

– The sequel to the popular lesbian-themed Thay film: Yes or No 2

The first film was particularly famous and popular in 2010. The sequel is also rather good. This time the love relationship of two girls is being tested because they are going to have to live far away from each other.

– Thai Lakorn: Hundred Tricks of Love (Leh Roy Nuk)

I am not too familiar with the Thai soap series, but they appear to be very popular. Here is a free Thai drama tv show with English subs. Just give it a try, it is the first episode.

If you know more, please copy the url of the Thai movies online in the comment section!

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