Free Russian movies to watch online with English subtitles

Compared to our other countries, Russia seems to have the largest amount of free Russian movies online with English subtitles that you can watch legally and download in great quality. From old Russian films to newer ones from the 2000’s. It covers mainly free classics, action movies and war movies. And this is al made available by Youtube. Here a selection of the best Russian movies with English subtitles online.

How to watch the movies with subtitles on Youtube:

Most Youtube videos here come with automatic English subtitles. Others you can choose with multiple subtitles: like Russian subtitles, but also Arabic, Chinese and whatever more. Just press the little red button on the right-bottom toolbar.

If you want some inspiration about new Russian movies about to be released check out our Russian movies of 2013 article. An interesting movie in 3D project in the making.

Watch the Russian Sci-fi movie ‘Stalker online with subtitles!

Let us kick off with one of the classics by one of the greatest Russian directors. Andrei Tarkovsky created this science fiction movie in 1979, and today it remains one of the cult classics. The film that internationally also was released as ‘Zona’ is a   fantasy adventure taking place in an alien place. Here you can watch it online only with English subtitles. It is in the IMDb top 250.

Prisoner of Caucasus or Prisoner of the Mountains with English subs

An excellent online war movie from 1996 by the Great Russian writer and director Sergey Bodrov. It is aboout two captured Russian soldiers. Prisoner of the Mountains was nominated for an Oscar.

Free online 9 Rota – 9th Company – Russian war movie

One of Russia’s finest war movies online with English subtitles. You can watch this new 2005 movie about young soviet soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. This historic action movie shows the bloody and dirty war back in the 1980’s.

Everybody dies but me (2008) – Free Drama film online

Everybody dies but me, or Vse umrut aya Ostanus is a Russian drama film about two young girls and their very first school disco. It is a full movie with English subtitles – Russian Spoken.

Thieves by Law – Documentary about the Russian mafia/gangsters

This 2010 documentary film tells the story of the rise to power in the Soviet union of Russian gangsters, who end up controlling a large part of Europe too. ‘Ganavim Ba Hok’ is an interesting insight into Russian culture and criminality.  It is in Russian but comes, again, with English subtitles.

The very first Russian Horror movie online for free with English subs – Viy (1967)

That is right. You can now watch the first horror movie made in Russia online. Viy is based on the book by Nikolai Gogol, who in turn based his book on old Ukranian Folklore. Unfortunately the movie is not in full, but on Youtube can watch it for free in several parts. English subtitles included. Amazing old horror film – a classic. In 2013 a remake was made.

If you find more Russian movies on Youtube, please post the url in the comment section. It will appear as video that people can instantly watch. Thanks!

Brat – Brother (1996)

Excellent Russian crime film which was the breakthrough for director Aleksei Balabanov.

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