Free French Movies with English subtitles

When setting up our website we noticed a lot of incoming searches for ‘watch french movies for free online with English subtitles’. We of course understood that most people were looking for ways to watch these free French movies online illegally. We, as a website that supports the national film industries, can naturally not go along with that. But fortunately there is another option! There are a pretty large amount of very good full French films that you can just watch completely on Youtube or on Hulu & Netflix. For some you will have to watch it in parts, but for a lot of them you can watch the complete full French movie at once. We have made a list of the very most popular one’s. Check it out below!

watch french movies for free online with english subtitles

English subtitled French cinema via Hulu and Snagfilms

For US residents Hulu and Snagfilms provides a huge selection of French art house films online. Here we have selected the more mainstream ones.

Les Nom des Gens online (2010)

‘Say Goodbye to The Sticks’ and ‘Intouchables’ are responsible for historically high figures in French Box Office. Les Nom des Gens is not quite as popular, but comes pretty close. Like the above mentioned to it is a delightful French comedy.

– Watch Les Nom des Gens on Hulu

Tell no one (Ne le dis à personne) (2008)

There are not many action films coming from France, and besides the few exceptionally good French Gangster films, they usually are not very good. But Tell No One is I the very best French action film in ages. It is about a man who finds out that his wife who he thought to be murdered might still be alive.

– Watch Tell No One on Hulu

Monsieur Lazhar (2012)

Monsieur Lahzar is the Canadian answer to the French teacher-students films. France’s ‘Entre Les Murs’ and ‘The Chorus’ are rather light compared to this work from Quebec, Canada. But it is no less good. It was nominated for a Best Foreign Language film Oscar.

– Watch Monsieur Lahzar on Hulu

Watch this French children’s movie online (animated)

Pretty popular animated French kids movie with English subtitles. A Town called Panic (2009).

Watch A Town Called Panic on Hulu

For an overview of great French art house films on Hulu on Snagfilms you should visit Cinema International.

Free French films in the Public domain

With films in the public domain no longer have to worry about copyright issues under French Copyright Law. The rights have been expired. Here are the best French films in the Public domain. Where possible with subtitles.

Les Diaboliques (1955)

Les Diaboliques is a psychological thriller directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot based on the novel She Who was no More.

Our Free French Movies list – Made possible by Youtube!

You can watch these French movies with subtitles by turning it on in the options menu. You can also often also watch them with Turkish, Portugese, French or Spanish subtitles. That depends per film. We have currently removed the direct links to Youtube films because of potential copyright infringement. Search for these titles and make sure to check the copyright notice!

Menilmontant (1926)

Another French Public Domain film, and it happens to be the favorite film of one of the most famous film critics of all time, Pauline Kael. It is a 38 minute silent film, and is available on Youtube for free.

Italian French spoken war movies about the Bloody Battle of Algiers with subtitles.

This is one of the most bloody and terrible battles of all time. About the Algerian war between French government and guerrilla warriors. It received three Oscar nominations. This Arabic/Italian/French war movie can be watched for free with English subtitles via Youtube. You can watch it in several parts.

Watch Amelie online with English subtitles!

Our absolute number one French film is available to watch online for free! Here you can also setup the English subtitles. The ‘Fabulous life of Amelie Poulain’ is our best rated French movie. You can check the review out in our Best French Movies list. It no longer is legally available through Youtube. Your best bet is Netflix.

These are the best Free French movies we have found so far. We will add some more French films that you can watch for free very soon!

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  1. I love this website. I am from Alabama USA. I first got in to French movies by way of the movie called lila de ca. I love me some Vahina Geocante. I hope that finding this website I might get to see all of her films that she starred in. I am learning the French language and these movies help in more ways than one. I plan to enjoy all the French movies I can get my hands on.

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