2012’s Must Watch French movie releases

Best French Films of 2012

With one of France’s best years (2011) behind it, we were eagerly looking forward to which must watch French Movies there were in store for us. After modern classics like The Artist and Intouchables, we are in for a treat. According to Harvey Weinstein, the producer of the Artist, this silent film was only the beginning. French cinema is at the start of a new golden age, or a rebirth as he puts it. Big words we hope to see become reality this year in 2012.

We have selected three films that will be released in 2012 of which we hope shall be some great films. Let’s kick off with number one.

UPDATE: 2012 is over. We have now selected which ones actually belong on the 2012 must watch list. We have also added the option to buy them on DVD or Bluray.

1. Rust & Bone | Release date: 24 October 2012rust & bone - new and upcoming french movies 2012Directed by Jacques Audiard

Cast: Marion Cotillard, Matthias Schoenaerts and Bouli Lanners

An upcoming action movie with French movie star Marion Cotillard who we have seen in some American productions latetely like Contagion and Inception. Now we can her admire her in the new film by Jacques Audiard. Everyone who has seen his success film Un Prophete can understand why we are looking forward to his new French movie. It is going to be an action film based on the short stories of the Canadian author Craig Davidson. The stories are very raw, violent and full off dark figures. The film will be about a boxer who due to an injury is forced to resort to illegal street fights.

The trailer of Rust & Bone is finally out. Unfortunately it is still without English Subtitles.

Dans La Maison by Francois Ozon (2012)

Our new favorite French filmmaker did not dissapoint. With ‘Dans La Maison’ or ‘In the House’ he has without a doubt guarenteed his place on our must watch french movies of 2012. In our opinion one of the stronger arthouse films of last year. It is about a teacher who gets obsessed with the writings of one of his students. The boy describes how he infiltrates into the most intimate parts of a classmate’s family’s life.

3. L’enfant d’en haut – Sister | Release date: 18 April 2012

l'enfant d'en haut - sister - upcoming and new french movies 2012

A French – Swiss film we are looking forward to immensely. It is starring the enigmatic French actress Lea Seydoux who we have also seen in some big recents American blockbusters ( Inglorious Basterds). It is directed by Ursula Meier who also was responsible for the film Home in which she also worked with the young Casey Mottet Klein. This French movie takes place in a Swiss ski resort where a young boy wants to help out his big sister by stealing from the wealthy skiing guests.

Trailer of L’enfant d’en haut in French:

4. Les adieux a la reine – Farewell, My queen | Release date: 19 April 2012

les adieux a la reine - farewell my queen - french movies 2012

Directed by Benoît Jacquot

Cast: Diane Kruger, Léa Seydoux and Virginie Ledoyen

A highly anticipated French film starring Diane Kruger. The film is about the relationship of Marie Antoinette and one of her readers. It sets in the background of the final days of the French Revolution. The German actress Diane Kruger plays Marie Antoinette (replacing Eva Green) a long side of the above mentioned Lea Seydoux with whom she also played in Inglorious Basterds.

Trailer in French:

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