2014/2015 New French movies top 10

Now that the whole world is eagerly awaiting the line-up of new French movies in 2015 and looking back on the best French movies of 2014, we feel that we should gather a list of this year’s best upcoming French films in cinema and on DVD/Blu-ray. This year’s list is rather diverse, from great critically acclaimed French comedies / romantic comedies to beautiful drama films that came out in 2013, 2014 and will be released in 2015.

2012 blew us away with blockbusters like ‘Intouchables’,’The Artist’ and ‘Rust & Bone’. Also smaller comedies like ‘Adieu Berthe’ and Le Prénom were delightful. 2014 was definitely the year of Deux jours, Une nuit and Une Nouvelle Amie. We have made top 10 including what is interesting for 2015..

Top 10 best French movies 2014/2015

As soon as all the release dates are officially announced, we shall update them here. For now, the international or US release date is not always known yet. Same applies to trailers, they might first be in French. The order of these popular films in the top 10 is on the year of release, but have all been released in either 2013, 2014 or 2015.

Erran (2015)

Jaques Audiard is one of France’s most interesting directors. A highly intuitive and emotional director who gets the best performances from his cast. He has proven this with a Prophet and Rust & Bone and I am sure he will prove it again in 2015 with Erran, a drama about a Sri Lankan Tamil warrior who flees to France and ends up working as a caretaker outside Paris. It is currently being filmed.

Adieu au langage (2014/2015)

With it’s cinema release in 2015 Adieu Au Language is probably this year’s art house darling. The dreamy film by Nouvelle Vague papa Jean-Luc Godard proves he is far from gone. The strange as usual drama can even be watched in 3D. No need explaining it, just watch the trailer.

Other potentially great 2015 French movies:

- Nos Arcadies (2015) by Arnaud Desplechin (Rois es Reine)

- Journal d’une femme de chambre (2015) by Benoît Jacquot

Deux Jours, une Nuit (2014)

Upcoming French art house film of 2014 by the Auteur directors Dardenne

Technically a 2014 Belgian movie, but it is French spoken, so we have put it here. It is the upcoming 2014 movie by auteur filmmakers & brothers Luc Dardenne and Jean-Pierre Dardenne. It will be featuring the hottest name in French cinema, Marion Cotillard and she will play a woman who has to fight the system of bonuses in the business world of France. No trailer has been released yet, but the the release date is set for the summer of 2014, and will be available on DVD and online streaming in 2015.

La Belle et La Bête (2014) the French Fantasy movie revived

Without a doubt one of the biggest productions in France in 2014, and in that sense a bit of a blockbuster. It is about the old and famous story already brought to life by Cocteau in 1946, but also Disney tried their luck with an animated film. Now Christophe Gans is about to bring the fairytale back to France. In the leads as the beauty and the beast we hve Vincent Cassel and Léa Seydoux. Probably the most highly anticipated French movie of 2014.

Trois Coeurs (2014)

Another very promising 2014 French movie with a title that translates into ‘Three Hearts’. So it appears to be a romantic drama film, a genre the French excel at. Director Benoit Jacquot is sure to live up to the expectations created by his prior succes with ‘Farewell, My Queen in 2012, as this new film is starring the biggest actors and actresses in France in 2014. Charlotte Gainsbourgh, Lea Seydoux and Catherine Deneuve to name a few.

Jeune et Jolie (2013) by Francois Ozon

At the popular and prestigious Cannes Film Festival a few films from France made a great impression. One was the work of, in my opinion, France’s most interesting modern director Francois Ozon (Dans la Maision, Swimming Pool) with film portrait of a young French girl in Jeune & Jolie. She explores her sexuality by working as a call-girl in Paris. The 2014 comedy Une Nouvelle Amie is not as good as this one, but you might also want to check it out if you like Francois Ozon.

L’Inconnu du Lac (2013) – best French Gay-themed drama

From the great amount of gay-themed flooding international cinema lately, this French one is by far the best. The settings resembles an Eric Rohmer film, but although it starts off like a light film, it slowly turns into a dark but mesmerizing thriller. The English title is Stranger by the Lake and is chosen by The Filmtransition as the second best French film of 2013.

Blue is the warmest colour (2013)

The second one, and winner of the Palm D’or Prize, is ‘Blue is the warmest colour’. A tale about a lesbian romance starring Lea Seydoux. It is directed by Tunisian filmmaker Abdellatif Kechiche. It is a beautifully intimate film, almost voyeuristic, that without a doubt was the best French film of 2013. It will still be releasing in many cinema’s in 2014 around the world.

Audrey Tautou in the fantasy drama L’ecume des jours (2013)

One of the most promising new French movies for 2013. Made by the popular director Michel Gondry, responsible for the American indie hit ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. In ‘L’ecume des Jours’ or ‘Mood Indigo’ a woman suffers from a remarkable and unusual illness – she has a flower growing in her heart. This flick will come out in May 2013 in France, but the release of this French movie in the US is set for January 2014.

Under the rainbow / Au bout du conte – Light French Comedy | Release date: 6 March 2013 

Under the Rainbow is a new film by Agnes Jaoui, who besides being a rather famous French actress, now has four great drama comedies to her name. All of her productions have been co-written by her husband, Jean-Pierre Bacri. Together they have received international recognition, including Academy Award nominations and Cesars, for films like ‘The Taste of  Others (2000) and ‘Comme une Image – Look at me’ (2004). This French film for 2013 is a comedy about a 24 year old girl who is still desperately waiting for Prince charming to come along. When it finally appears to be happening, she runs into not one, but two near-perfect men. The above teaser is in French. The film will be released in France on 6 March 2013. It is currently in post-production.

It Happened in Saint-Tropez / Des Gens qui s’embrassent – Release date: 24 April 2013

One of the new French movies of which Pathe International is expecting great things. And indeed, it is evident that it has all the ingredients of a great foreign film. The film-maker Daniel Thompson’s previous films (La Buche, Le Code a  Change) have all reached 1 to 2 million visitors in France alone. The public’s favorite French comedy actor Kad Merad, famous for Welcome to the Sticks and Les Choristes, is among the popular cast. It is a comedy with a bit of a romantic love story twist about the troublesome relationship of two brothers who could not be more different from one another, but due to circumstances are forced to deal with each other.

Kat Merad & Monica Belucci in 2013 French feature film

A new french film based on a true story with Intouchables’ Francois Cluzet – 11.6

11.6 is an adaptation of the non-fiction book Tony 11.6, Histoire de convoyeur, which in turn was based on the true story of a security van driver who stole 11.6 million, and got caught. A large amount of the money was never found. Francois Cluzet, the award winning actor, will be playing the lead role. This will be Cluzet’s second production with Philippe Godeau – their first film ‘One for the Road’ was nominated for 5 Cesars. Only found a trailer in French.Great new true story film

On the Other side of the Tracks (2013) – French police comedy movie

On the other side of the tracks is a typical ‘buddy movie’ or ‘bromance’. In this case it is about two mismatched police officers who have to investigate the murder of the wife of a business tycoon. The film was already released in France in 2012 and was an instant box office hit. Probably mainly because this french movie stars the charming Omar Sy (Intouchables).

We will update this list with more movies soon, probably will become a top 10 of new French cinema releases.

New French DVD releases of 2014/2015 – coming out on DVD

Last year was also a tremendously good year with films like Intouchables, Rust & Bone and Adieux La Reine. Here they can be bought online on DVD and Blu-ray. As soon as the 2014 & 2015 movies are coming out, you can also find them here. For the best French movies of last year, you should visit our 2012’s must watch French movies article. For other European top films by country, please visit the New Movies of 2013 article.

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