Great new German movies of 2014/2015 top 10

After the great succes of last year’s ‘Amour’ by Haneke at the Oscars, people are excited to get to know the new German movies in 2015 and the best German movies of 2014 & 2013. We have made a selection of the new best German movie releases in cinema and on DVD/Blu-ray. From beautiful romantic drama movies to German comedies, war movies and especially German documentaries in 2014. 

Top 9 new German movies of 2015 & earlier

German cinema always produces 2 or 3 incredible films a year. It is perhaps not the most flashy of industries, but ones a good one is made it is incredibly good. In 2012 this was without a doubt ‘Amour’, and also ‘Barbara’. In 2013 this was Oh Boy and in 2014 this was Zwei Leben. We hope to discover a new pearl like that in our new German movies of 2015 and looking back on the best of German cinema in 2014. When announced, the US and UK release dates will be updated.

Phoenix (2015)

Phoenix is the latest film by Christian Petzold, and he is again teaming up with Nina Holst. And yet again it is a war drama, but in this case it is more about the remnants of war. In post-war Germany a disfigured woman searches for her husband who might have betrayed her to the Nazi’s. It is set for release in Europe in 2015.

Toni Erdmann (2015)

Originally scheduled for 2012, this upcoming German films is now set for 2015. It is by Maren Ade, the current German art house queen of Germany. She is often compared to the American indie genre ‘mumblecore’. Her last film ‘Alle Anderen’ was a art house success, and makes us interested in her new flick. Toni Erdmann is still very much under the radar, but we do now it is about a father trying to reconnect with his adult daughter.

Rumored Michael Haneke project in 2015 – Flashmob

It has been in the works for ages now, but currently hopes are high that Haneke’s (Amour, Cache) Flashmob will finally see the light of day this year. The film tracks a group of people who come together via the Internet to stage a flashmob.


Zwei Leben was awarded the Grand Prize at the BIFF award for best film, and is the German submission for the Oscars in 2014. It is about a Norwegian family that gets reminded of their of their past Nazi and Stasi secrets. It has been released on DVD before 2015, and should be available now. Also for streaming.


This film was also actually released in 2013, but will be released here in 2014. It is a great German film about two gay policemen. One of them does not know he was gay though, causing a rather complex situation seeing that he already has a girlfriend whom he loves as well.

Nicht mein Tag (2014)

A new upcoming German crime comedy scheduled for January 2014 from Peter Thorwarth who is not unfamiliar with this genre. He has had quite some successes to his name in the action comedy genre, like the popular Bang Boom Bang. But he is also known for more serious drama’s, like the one of the most famous recent German films ‘Die Welle’ (2008).

Fack Juh Gohte (2014)

A rather funny German comedy with an international release in 2014. For reasons of profanity, I will not translate the title here, but you can guess what it means;). It is very popular among German audiences, and it is about an ex-con who gets a job at a high school only to retrieve stolen money he has stashed there. It is nothing special, but good for a few laughs.

Hannah Arendt – Great German drama movie about philosopher Hannah Arendt (2013)

This drama film is directed by Margarethe von Trotta, who we know from films like Rosenstrasse (2003). She has done a wonderful job with this new film, and it had been selected as a possible candidate for the Oscars in 2013. It is a powerful portrayal of an important historical female figure. Hannah Arendt reported for the New York Times about the prosecution of war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials after the second world war.

Die Wand (2013)

Probably the German movie of 2013 that got the most attention at festivals. It is a great German fantasy drama about a woman who lives by herself in the countryside, and all of the sudden gets isolated from the rest of the world through an invisible wall. It is actually more the best Austrian movie of 2013, than that it’s German.

Oh Boy (2013)

Oh Boy is a German tragicomedy about a young who drops out of college and wanders the street of Berlin. The director Jan Ole Gerster got a Lola (a German film award) for best directing and best German film in 2013. It also stars the popular German actor Tom Schilling. It is a good looking movie in stylish black and white.

Kokowääh 2 – The sequel to the succesfull comedy by Til Zweiger

Although not showered with awards, it definitely was popular with the audience. Til Zweiger  made a pretty funny comedy with Kokowääh, meaning Chicken in a Wine sauce (yes it is a dish). In the sequel the problems between him and his wife continue. This time he also has to put up with an annoying actor, Matthias Schweighofer who plays himself, who he works with for his new movie.

Schlussmacher – Popular Comedy premiering in Germany in January 

Matthias Schweighofer is also directing a new film for 2013, a comedy that is co-directed by the same director Til Zweiger worked with for Kokowääh 2, Torsten Kunstler. The new German comedy is called Schlussmacher, and it is about a guy who breaks up with people for a living. Read about more new European comedies in New Comedy movies of 2013 – Funny Comedies from Europe


Read about the very best German Cinema has to offer for its German Movies of 2012. We have made a selection of German Movies that are coming out or have just been released in 2012. We have picked the best and most promising German films. For each film we try to include a trailer, so if it is missing, we will make sure it will be up as soon as it is released. Check out our most highly anticipated German movies 2012.

Barbara | Release date: 8 March 2012

barbara - new and upcoming german movies 2012

Directed by Christian Petzold

Cast:  Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld and Rainer Bock
A look into the world of 1980’s East-Germany were paranoia ruled. It is about a doctor who is suspected of wanting to cross over the border to the western Europe. This film competed in the International Berlin Festival 2012. The filmmaker Christian Petzold won the Silver Bear for Best Director. We feel that the elegant Nina Hoss shall also receive a number of awards for this great performance.

Trailer of Barbara (in German)

Was Bleibt – Home For The Weekend | Release date: 2012 TBA

was bleibt - new and upcoming german movies 2012

Directed by Hans-Christian Schmid

Cast: Lars Eidinger, Corinna Harfouch and Sebastian Zimmler

This film was nominated for the Golden Bear at the International Berlin Film Festival 2012. Its a about a man from Berlin who hardly ever visits his parents. He usually goes back one or twice a year so that his parents can spend some time with their grandson. This time however, the trip is not as peaceful and quick as he had hoped.

Die Vierte Macht – The Fourth State | Release date: 8 March 2012

Directed by Dennis Gansel

Cast: Moritz Bleibtreu, Kasia Smutniak and Max Riemelt

From the director of the successful German Movie ‘Die Welle – The Wave’. This film deals with a journalist who gets in over his head in a Russian terrorist plot while he was investigating the secret police of Russia. It is one of the New German Movies 2012 we cannot wait to see.
Trailer of Die Vierte Macht

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