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Here you can watch the best German movies online with English subtitles. We have gathered the finest German films that you can instantly watch here online. Our reliable partners have provided us with the high-quality videos. We understand how difficult it can be to find good German movies to watch online on the internet. Therefore we have simplified things for you. If one of the websites does now allow you to watch it due to your location, just try another. In general, if you are from Europe you should try, and otherwise Netflix or Amazon instant video will do the trick.

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Free German movies with English subtitles

By browing to our German movies section you can find all the great German movies and tv series that we have to offer. You will also find trailers and reviews included. Below are our top 8 most popular German movies to watch online.

Watch German movies online – our recommended top 8

Watch the trailers and read reviews of the following movies in our Best German movies top 10.

Das Boot (1981)

German war film

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The Counterfeiters (2007)

Recent very popular German film about the war online

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Run Lola Run (1998)

fantastic little german film

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Wings of Desire (1987)

Online german film

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The Lives of Others (2004)

Our number one movie from Germany

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Downfall (2004)

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The White Ribbon (2009)

Watch German movies online

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The Edge of Heaven (2007)

Watch German films online

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Still have not found what you are looking for? See what else we have in our German film section. We can also recommend Netflix, because as you can see they have it all.