Watch free German movies with English subtitles

In 2012 en 2013 some recent German films can be watched online. And you can watch these popular German movies with English subtitles for free online. We have made a selection of the best legal and free German movies online at the moment. Also some advice for watching movies with German subtitles.

German cinema is perhaps not as hot as French cinema, but there are always a few modern classics appearing yearly. In 2012 this was without a doubt ‘Amour’ by Michael Haneke. These ones are not yet available for free online, but they can be watched in our paid online German film section – with English subtitles of course. ¬†.

How to watch the following free German language movies with subtitles on youtube:

It is rather simple. In most cases the movies will have hardcoded English or German subtitles, in other cases you can select the subtitles you want yourself by clicking on the red ‘cc’ button below the Youtube video.

Watch this popular communist movie taking place in East-Germany: Good Bye Lenin!

One of the most popular German movies that can be watched online for free with English subtitles. For everyone new to German cinema, Good Bye Lenin is a great introduction. It teaches you something about the situation during the Cold War, and the subsequent transformation and unification of Germany. In Good Bye Lenin! An East-German boy tries to hide the fall of the Berlin Wall from his ill and fragile mother who just woke up from a coma in 1990. It was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Another Modern German classic from the ninetees online with English subtitles: Lola Rennt

‘Lola Rent’ or ‘Run Lola Run’ is one of our favorite free German movies of the 1990’s. You can watch this German action thriller online now for free. Read about it more in our Best German movies of the last decades¬†section. The quality is not perfect, but it has good hardcoded English subtitles.

Watch Das Leben Der Anderen online for free with English subtitles!

Without a doubt the best German film from between 2000-2010. Even better than ‘Der Untergang’ and ‘Das Weisse Band’. This free German film gives us a great insight into the complex personal relationships in Cold War Germany of 1984. This great film taking place in East-Berlin was awarded with an Oscar.

The very old German sci-fi movie by Karl Hart with Hans Albers – Gold

This old German classic from the 1930’s can be watched online with English subtitles via youtube. Gold is a free German movie in black and white with a sci-fi theme. The main character is played by then incredibly famous German actor Hans Albers.

If you have more German movies that we can watch for free with English subtitles, please add them in the comment section. We will make them come up nicely. For now find out more about the latest German flicks in German movies of 2013.

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