Free Italian movies with English subtitles

Just like with for the other countries we have been looking for free Italian movies, receiving some request to ‘watch Italian movies online for free with English subtitles). And also here we will not support the illegal distribution of movies. We feel we should stand by the national film industries, and keep them motivated to produce great Italian films. However, we have found a way to watch Italian movies online legally and for free! Complete Italian movies can be watched via Youtube & Hulu. Full Italian movies with English subtitles within your reach. However, we must admit that the supply is less interesting than for French movies. Most of them are rather old, and are not necessarily classics.

Watch Italian movies for free with English subtitles online


English subtitled Italian language cinema on Hulu

Hulu has a rather big amount of films from Italy online for free. Here we have gathered the most popular ones:

Come Undone online


A 2010 sensual movie about a lustful affair with a married man. From the director of Pane e Tulipani, Silvio Soldini.IMDB Rating: 6.2.

Watch Come undone via Hulu

David’s Birthday online

A great mysterious and romantic summer film about two couples going on a holiday by the beach. Everything goes swimmingly until one of the husbands starts developing feelings for the son of the other couple.IMDb Rating: 6.5.

Watch David’s Birthday via Hulu

Caesar must die (2011)

Inmates prepare to put on a play on Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ – one of the more popular Italian films of late.

Watch Caesar Must Die via Hulu

Old Italian films in the Public Domain

A number of Italian films have been released into the public domain, meaning they are free and without copyright restrictions. Some of them are on Youtube, but others are only on First the ones on they are in the public domain you can also download them via legal torrents, and download English subtitles for them as well.

Don Camillo (1955), a famous Italian comedy about a priest and a communist mayer who are always fighting with each other. Also on Youtube in French and Spanish.

I racconti di Canterbury, a 1972 Italian film in which controversial filmmaker Pasolini retells the famous Canterbury Tales by Chaucer.

Cabiria (1914), One of Italy’s all-time classics. This is a great silent film from 1914. It was awarded with an Oscar. Is was going to be a great inspiration for other European Silent films, like Metropolis. You can watch the Full free Italian movie on or Youtube.

Our Free Italian Movies list – Complete full Italian films on Youtube

For most of these films you will have the option to select your subtitles of choice. Usually you will at least be able to select English subtitles. Enjoy and watch Italian movies for free!

If you happen to be from Italy or Spain then you should just browse through your Youtube. You will find plently of Italian movies. They are, however, without subtitles.

Update: we have currently removed the direct links to Youtube because we could not verify ownership. Browse Youtube for the titles yourself, and make sure to get versions that do not infringe on copyright.

– Franco Rossi’s ‘The Woman in the Painting’ (1955)

This film that goes by the Italian name ‘Amici per la Pelle’ was nominated for a BAFTA Award. It tells the beautiful story of a friendship between two young Italian boys. Here you can watch ‘The Woman in the Painting’ online with English subtitles in decent video quality for free.

– A raw Italian comedy online: Malizia (1973)

This subtitled film about a widower and his three sons plays into the dreamy sensual fantasies of young boys (and fathers alike). The beautiful housekeeper evokes romantic and sensual feelings in the men.

– Old Italian comedy: La Banda Degli Onesti

A lovely classic Italian comedy with the great star Toto in a tale about three Sicilian men hitting rough financial times. An online high quality black and white movie with English subtitles.

Another two Italian classics online

– Time of Indifference (1964)

A very stylish old Italian drama movie by director Francesco Maselli. Perhaps stylish, but not the best acting.

– The Condemned of Altona

A great drama movie by master filmmaker Vittoria de Sica. Best known for the Bicycle thieves (that you can watch below).

– Watch Bicycle Thieves for free

This amazing Italian classic is a film that everyone should see. It has a high position in our best Italian movies of all time list, so we were very pleased to see that it was available online for free with English subtitles. It was nominated for an Oscar and currently ranks #85 on IMDb.

It is divided up into 8 parts, but the transition is smooth.

– La Mala Ordina – Manhunt

Another full Italian movie that you can watch on Youtube. We have to admit that we had not heard of it, but it seems pretty promising. You can turn on English subtitles. It is perhaps not one of the best movies, but we would never say no to a free online Italian movie.

These were all the free Italian movies we have found so sar. We will make sure to add some more Italian movies for free online very soon. You can also add more in the comment section!