Free Spanish Movies with English subtitles

Naturally, our Spanish movies section could not stay behind. Here we also had to provide you with the ‘Watch Spanish movies for free with English subtitles online’ craze. As explained in the other film countries’ sections. We do not wish to support the illegal distribution of Spanish films. Since we want Spanish filmmakers to make more great films, we should support the Spanish film industry. In our Spanish Movies section we discuss the best of Spanish cinema. Both movies & tv series. We believe a great way of introducing you to films is also by actually watching them. Via Youtube it is possible to legally watch complete Spanish films. Some Spanish releases have allowed it to upload full Spanish movies for free online. We have made a list of the best ones. Unfortunately the supply is not as great as with for example French movies.

Spanish Language cinema via Hulu:

There a number of Spanish films on Hulu. Most of them are Latin American, and you can see those in our Latin American films online section, but here we have gathered films that are actually from Spain on Hulu:

Don’t tempt me online (2011)

The soul of a boxer is being fought over by hell’s and heaven’s forces. A popular action film from Spain starring Penelope Cruz.

– Watch Don’t temp Me

En la Ciudad Sin Límites online (2002) 

A City without lives explores family secrets – one of cinema’s favorite topics. This film is about a man and his delusional father.

– Watch En La Ciudad Sin Limites online

El Amor Perjudica Seriamente la Salud online (1996)

– Watch El Amor Perjudica Seriamente la Salud online Me

A Spanish rom-com that takes place over a period of 30 years. An obsession with John Lennon brings two people together.

Our Free Spanish Movies list – Complete full Movies on Youtube

Perhaps you should not expect the latest and hottest films. Nevertheless, we were surprised about the availability of some popular movies with English subtitles. Here are our best picks of free Spanish movies. We did find it difficult (unlike with other countries) to find good Free movies. So if you know any, please let us know in the comment section. We have currently removed the links of Youtube films, because we were unable to verify ownership. You should just search for the titles on Youtube, and make sure the copyright notice is included.

Watch Spanish movies for free with English subtitles online

– Watch The Devil’s Backbone for free online!

This great Spanish horror movie actually made it on our Best Spanish Horrors list. We believe it is one of the best horror flicks ever made. You have the possibility to watch this scary movie online with with English subtitles for free. It is the complete Spanish movie.

– Libertarias for free (1996)

A great historic drama movie by Spanish director Vicente Aranda about the Spanish Civil War.

– Machuca (2004)

A Spanish-language movie were particularly charmed by. It is about two boys who are in the their homecountry Chile at the time of a military coup. It is a film by the great Chilean filmmaker Andres Wood. It is split up in different parts on Youtube.

If you are looking for English spoken films with Spanish subtitles then you are in your luck. Just browse though Youtube and you will find tons of them.

In the meanwhile you could have a look in our Watch Spanish movies online section, where you have the payed options. If you can help us with some free Spanish movies with English subtitles please let us know. Remember that we only want legal copies!