New Spanish movies 2013/2014 – top 7 from Spain

It is time for our list of best new Spanish movies in 2014 & 2013. An overview of the best upcoming movies from Spain for this year and the best releases last year. 2012 year was rather successful with a lot of American productions by Spanish directors, but the Spanish blockbusters in 2013 were struggling. We have selected the popular ones you need to watch this year in 2014. From Spanish comedies to new drama and romance must-see movies.

Top 7 Spanish 2013/2014 movies

In 2014 one of Spanish most well-known directors, the Basque Julio Bedem, is most likely releasing two films, and both of thema are hugely anticipated. Both of them are drama films.

Cristóbal Balenciaga film (2014) by Julio Bedem

Together with the movie with Penelope Cruz below, this untitled project about Cristóbal Balenciaga is going to be a huge thing in Spain. This Spanish 2014 movie is about the famous rivalry between the French Coco Chanel and Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, and how he was involved in bringing down Hitler’s scheme to dismantle the French fashion industry.  No release date has been announced yet, but it is scheduled for 2014.

Ma Ma (2014) with Penelope Cruz

This upcoming Spanish drama movie for 2014 has just been announced in January, and not much is known about it except that two of Spain’s biggest name are collaborating on this project. It is Penelope Cruz’s and Julio Bedem’ very first movie together. We do know that it is about a woman who reacts courageously to tragedy, and that the film will be a drama with some comedy effect as well.

REC 4: Apocalypse (2014)

Fans of this very popular horror series can be excited. Part four of the by Jaume Balagueró directed horror movie is scheduled for release in October 2014 in Spain. Will take a little longer to be released internationally. Let’s hope it will be in 2014, but 2015 is also possible.

Los Amantes Pasajeros (2013) – An upcoming funny Spanish comedy by filmmaker Almodovar

Pedro Almodovar, one of the few current Spanish great filmmakers, is mainly known for heavier drama movies, but this year he will be responsible for a light comedy. After 2011’s drama thriller ‘The Skin I Live in with Antonion Banderas, Los Amentes Pasajeros is a nice surprise for in 2013. This film that goes by the International title ‘I’m so excited’ was released in Spain in March 2013, and so far reviews have been mixed. It will give you light entertainment, but fans of Almodovar will be slightly dissapointed by the flat storyline and the not very original humor. The plot is about something we all fear – to be stuck on an airplane that might crash.

Los Ultimos Dias – Another new Spanish disaster movie

After the great succes of Lo Impossible (The Tsunami movie with Ewan McGregor) this one is bound to be received rather well. In ‘The Final Days’ an epidemic has spread all accross the world, forcing people to stay inside. In Barcelona a young man will try to find his girlfriend without ever going outside. This post-apocalyptic thriller is by the Pastor Brothers who are best known for the 2009 sci-fi horror ‘Carriers’ – that time about a pandemic. This all-Spanish movie will be released in Spain in March 2013.

Potentially one of this year’s scariest movies: Mama, produced by Guillermo del Toro

This one of the most anticipated projects of 2013 in the world of horror films. Guillermo Del Toro, famous for the dark fantasy film ‘El Laberinto Del Fauno’, has co-produced this upcoming Canadian ghost movie. We have already extensively discussed this movie and other new Spanish movies of the horror genre in our new horror movies of 2013 – best & scariest horrors.

Spanish-language, but new Argentinian thriller movie for 2013

Although not from Spain, but definitely worth while. We had to focus your attention on this new blockbuster produced in Argentina. A film by Hernan Godfrid with an excellent cast with Argentinian stars like Ricardo Darin, who also played in our favorite Argentinian movie The Secret in their Eyes. Not as good as that one, but definitely an interesting thriller. Was released in January 2013.

Please also browse through our recommendations for the Best Spanish movies of 2012. You can also purchase Spanish films released on DVD in 2013/2014 in our DVD section. Mainly co-produced American productions though, and some Spanish-language horror films.

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