Famous Swedish film directors

For every country we try to select the most relevant, popular and famous movie directors. We pick five filmmakers who will prove to be a great introduction to the cinema of the country. Here we will discuss a top 5 of the most famous Swedish directors.The top 5 is based on our perception of who the most popular and best Swedish filmmakers are. Feel free to leave a comment behind with who you think should be in there. Several of the following Swedish directors have also been successful abroad. By clicking on the links you can read more about them, and find out what their best movies are.

Top 5 best Swedish Directors

1. Ingmar Bergman

ingmar bergman famous swedish directors

2.  Lasse Hallström

lasse hallstrom - famous swedish filmmakers

3. Tomas Alfredson

tomas alfredson - famous swedish movie directors

4. Mikael Håfström

mikael-hafstrom popular swedish film directors

5. Kjell Sundvall

kjell sundvall - famous swedish film directors


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