2013/2014 Swedish movies – New Sweden cinema releases

Our list of the most anticipated Swedish movies of 2013 and for 2014. We have selected a rather large and very promising list for this year  – all the best Swedish movies produced in Sweden on DVD or in Cinema in 2013/2014. This year we have some thrillers, drama’s and even Swedish comedies. A top 10 Ranked by level of anticipation:)

The Brothers Lionheart (2014) – Expensive upcoming Swedish fantasy movietomas_alfredson_directs big Swedish children's fantasy movie

A movie that has been already announced several times, but of which we now know that it will be released in 2014. Based on the incredibly popular Swedish children’s book and a remake of the famous film version in 1977. In 2014 this will fantasy story will be directed by Swedish director Tomas Alfredson, known for the strong Swedish vampire film ‘Let the Right One In’, and the British spy story and thriller ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’. The Brothers Lionheart will probably be the largest Swedish film of 2014. It will, however, be English-spoken.

Another kids movie from Sweden will be the film after the famous Swedish comic book character Bamse in Bamse och tjugstaven (2014).

Other upcoming Swedish movies 2014:

What appear to be new must-see Swedish movies are:

– The feature debut by Ester Martin Bergsmark opening the Goteborg film festival, Something must break (2014)

– A drama about a terminally ill woman with cancer, in The Quiet Roar (March 2014)

And of course you browse through our genre articles, where smaller, but for certain genre’s cool films are released in 2014. Let’s continue with the top films of 2013 and 2012.

Monica Z (2013) with international releases in 2014

This biopic of famous Swedish singer Monica Zetterlund was the biggest commercial success in Sweden in 2013, and in 2014 it will be released internationally. Besides attracting an impressive half million admissions, it also was awarded with the Guldbagge award for best film of 2013. It is directed by Danish director Per Fly (known for The Bench which is in our best Danish films of all time list). And will be most like likely one of the best biopic movies of 2014 in Europe.

The Reunion (2013)

A very interesting new Swedish drama released in November. The Reunion or Återträffen is about a common theme in film and television, reunions. And also in this feature film it comes with the much needed drama. But it is pretty nicely worked out, and at times even quite shocking. It will be released in the rest of Europe in 2014.

Call Girl (2012) – Drama/Thriller

This Swedish drama film is directed by Mikael Marcain, so far mainly known as a tv-series director (amongst others a few Wallander episodes). Call Girl was already released in 2012, and was and instant hit at several prestigious festivals. It is a realistic film set in the seventies about a lower-class young girl who gets recruited into the world of high-end prostitution. To be released in most European cinema’s around April 2013. So far the best recent Swedish movie of 2013/2012 according to us.

Ego (2013) – A romantic drama blockbuster in Sweden

The typical drama story about the guy who has everything, but leaves a superficial lifestyle, and who has to finally face some difficulties in life, leading him to becoming a better person. In Ego the main character turns blind due to an accident – in the darkness a whole new world opens up for him. This Swedish romantic drama was released in Sweden in Januari 2013.

Vi (2013) – Drama

Vi has so far gotten some pretty decent reviews. It is about a relationship between two rather crazy people that goes to hell. It is with Anna Astrom who is featuring in three of our new Swedish movies 2013 list.

Studentfesten (2013) – Swedish Comedy

It is about three overage students who go on a crazy ride crashing high-school graduation parties. It seems rather funny. It is by Simon Sandquist who in 1998 was nominated for an Oscar for his debut short film Victor. Will be released in Sweden in April 2013.

More trailers of upcoming feature films from Sweden:

Dom över död man (2013)

New drama film by famous Swedish filmmaker Jan Troell (nominated for 2 Oscars).

More 2013 Swedish movie releases:

In our other sections, like in the romcom section, you can read about the romantic comedy Sma Citroner GulaOr read about the new Swedish action movie Snabba Cash 2 in our action film section.

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Our selection of the best new Swedish Movies of 2012 – the ones you should not miss

For every country we would like to highlight two Swedish movies that we are most looking forward to in 2012. For a complete list of all the Swedish movies of 2012 you will have to scroll down. Here are our Swedish favorites.

Isdraken – The Ice Dragon

the ice dragon - swedish movies 2012

Directed by Martin Högdahl.

Cast: Philip Olsson,  Lisbeth Johansson and Feline Andersson

Swedish Film Institute plot: The Ice Dragon is an adventure about Mik, aged 11, and his quest for a new home. Mik runs away on an ice dragon, owns a cat factory, befriends brothers Bengt and Bertil, falls in love for the first time and eventually finds his way home.

This Swedish fantasy / adventure movie is based on the popular book Isdraken by Mikael Endstrom. It might appear to be solely a children’s movie, but you will find that all ages will be able to enjoy it thoroughly.

Here is the trailer (in swedish)

The second movie we would like to set apart from the rest is Avalon.


avalon - swedish movies 2012

Directed by Alex Petersen.

Cast: Johannes Brost, Peter Carlberg and Léonore Ekstr

Swedish Film Institute plot:

Janne, a 60 year-old party organiser intending to run a nightclub during a major tennis tournament, is hanging out with his recently divorced older sister, Jackie. When an accident turns his life on its head, Janne, under pressure from those around him, embarks on a desperate search for a way out.

A Swedish film that has been received well at the Toronto Festival. As you will see, the trailer looks very promising.

Trailer of Avalon:

List of Swedish Movies for 2012


  • Submission: In Defence of the Unborn | 06-01-2012
  • In the Interest of the nation  | 13-01-2012
  • Love During Wartime  | 19-01-2012
  • Certain people  | 20-01-2012
  • Once upon a time in phuket  | 03-02-2012
  • Sean Banan inuti Seanafrica  | 15-02-2012
  • Big Boys Gone Bananas! |  24-02-2012
  • Avalon |  24-02-2012
  • Shoo Bre | 24-02-2012
  • The Ice Dragon | 24-02-2012
  • Nobels testamente | 02-03-2012
  • Dare Remember | 09-03-2012
  • En Fiende att do for | 16-03-2012
  • Kvareret Skatan reser till Laholm | 16-03-2012
  • Cockpit | 03-08-2012
  • Bitckram | 17-08-2012
  • Easy Money 2 | 31-08-2012
  • The Hypnotist | 05-09-2012
  • Eat Sleep Die | 07-09-2012
  • Flicker | 07-09-2012
  • Blondie | 14-09-2012
  • EGO | 05-10-2012
  • Callgirl | 05-10-12
  • Metal Brothers | 19-10-12
  • Little Anna and the Tall Uncle | 26-10-2012
  • Schweiz | 16-11-2012
  • Bekas | 30-11-2012
  • Bosse & Anita | 30-11-2012
  • Truth and Consequence | 14-12-2012
  • Love and Lemons | December (date not yet determined)